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Bethany Joy Galeotti lyrics : "Safe"

They set me up real nice here in the corner
I've got my very own self to keep my mind and body warm

They set me up real nice in the back room
Even let me eat the %#@! they borne

Don't nobody know any better I suppose
Ain't nobody looking really

But the winter's getting cold and I need

Love that breaks me down so I can sit up straight and look ahead

Hearts that kill my bones so I can be alive instead of dead
I need that doesn't care
If I get mad or if I'm not always convenient

I need blood more real than what's running through my veins
I need safe

I guess I just got used to bending
It's the greatest magic trick the world has ever seen
Tell me how it is and I'll shift my shape

I won't even remember it tomorrow

Nobody told me any better

They just watched me turn into a little shook up bottle of soda
I need

So come up now
Come from where you are
All you people who've seen the sign

Gather up
Gather 'round me now if you're willing to clear up the lies

You will hear a loud explosion
Followed by bits and pieces of me flying aimlessly

And we'll put it back together the way it should have been
The way it should have been
The way it was at first

The way it was at first
The way I will be
The way I am

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