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BETHAN MARY LEADLEY : Keep Your Words lyrics

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BETHAN MARY LEADLEY lyrics : "Keep Your Words"

verse 1
and so you're talking to me today,
like everyday

for hours on
i think of when your first spoke to me
and how far our friendships gone

the texts, the winks, the subtle things you said,
confusing me
i'm glad we sorted out what's in your head, cause now i see

so keep your words and keep your problems

i've got enough of mine to solve them

so I hope that you like this

'cause this is that song
and i hope that she wants you and never does you wrong
and yes i've been hurting

and it's disconcerting
and i'm just sorry if i have fallen too long
and failed at being strong.

verse 2

And now i'm knocking back a drink again these stupid nights
and then i'll say something that i regret
it's true despite

and then you'll lead me on by saying those stupid words
yeah, for now
so now i'm glad we sorted out the goings on cause i finally understand how


and in my dreams the floating shake
the %#@! you say that is so fake

hallucinogenic lullaby's
those $#&@ing words that i despise
and then you say you've been a dick

but you love her and it makes me sick
and she just wants to get away
and you just keep begging her to stay

and i'm sorry that i can't be her
i'm sorry


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