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BETHAN MARY LEADLEY : Hold Me Tonight lyrics

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BETHAN MARY LEADLEY lyrics : "Hold Me Tonight"

verse 1:
I remember she was just thirteen
small mind big dreams gotta hand it to her love

she grew up first
now she's pushed up against the door
she shreeks, hunnie everything was bleak and

she cried on the floor

Don't think i've ever seen her sad

false smile seeps through and she seems pretty glad to have him even though he isn't hers
and she told him all her nightmares
she hoped he loved and didn't just care about her

'cause she wanted to say


stay with me tonight
so we can forget all the stupid fights
so we can forget all the [email protected]$)s i light-ed

after i was so unkissable
so please stay with me tonight
'cause i didn't handle it right

and i'm sorry for the stupid fights
but i need someone to ho-ol-ol-old me tonight

Verse 2
She wanted to be accepted
have a life of her own

but just a face in the crowd
wanted to be known
as a girl that broke through

and she wouldn't stop
for boys that broke her
in their douche bag tops

and she'd
seen life, freak nights, got into every fight

and excited to be invited for the vodka shots and the other lot who think they're so hot


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