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BETH CHAMBO lyrics : "A Song About You (Valentine's Day)"

Oh well it's February fourteenth,
I guess that's a pretty big day,
For anybody but me.

That being said, this is a,
Great opportunity,
To thank those who've been,

So kind to me.
To those who've stood by my side,
Through the days, and through the nights,

To those who are at my door,
To those I'd travel a million miles for.

That's all of you,
Who I'm so grateful to,

You've stood by me all this way,
I want to thank you this Valentine's Day.
When I doubt myself,

When I'm living through Hell,
I have you lot to make me smile.

It's just another day,
On which I'm,

Grateful to you, in,
Every single way.
It's just another time,

On which I'll look back and smile,
For the sake of those who tried,
When I lied and said, 'I'm feeling fine'.

And when I'm feeling down,
I won't have to stop and frown,
Because I'll always be happy,

To know I have all of you around.
And when it's really bad,

And I just want to say goodbye,
I just need to talk to,
Until I'm feeling alright.

I thought that no-one cared,
Until I came to you,
And you said never to do,

Any of that again.


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