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Bestial Summoning : Birth Of The Antichrist lyrics

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Bestial Summoning lyrics : "Birth Of The Antichrist"

The antichrist has bee born, the son of satan
He will bring death and terror to the world
No one can stop him, he has the power

He is evil, he is the king
The birht of the antichrist
The birth of the antichrist

Give hail to satan's son
He will gladly take your obedience
If you disturb him with his cause you will die

You will fell his wrath

The birth of the antichrist

The birth of the antichrist
The antichrist will take sacrifices
So kill humans if thou want to stay alive

The dark one will rise if the antichrist made
A path of blood for his father satan
The he takes over and victory is complete

The birth of the antichrist

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