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BESTIAL MOCKERY : Domesticator lyrics

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BESTIAL MOCKERY lyrics : "Domesticator"

Summoned pains of Hell
In evil machinery
Engines of Death

Roars the lust of Satan
Flaming fluids run
Through living machines

Evil spirits rides
The rotating blades
Ancient dark prevail

The suffering of souls
Demon-goat Infernal
Pajasuor, the Twisted Black

Only one can tame the saw
Domesticator Pajasuor
Infernal supremacy

On Satan's right hand
Chambers in the deepest pits of Hell
The ancient lair of pain

Horrific blasphemies unfold
Impure chainsaw orgy
Turn the cross Down to Hell

Feel the rotting smell
Pajasuor - Domesticator supreme

Damned to Hell
The master of suffering
Pajasuor - Domesticator supreme

Pajasuor - Domesticator
Only one can tame the saw
Domesticator Pajasuor

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