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Bertolf : Don't Wanna Loose You Yet lyrics

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Bertolf lyrics : "Don't Wanna Loose You Yet"

Love relief me, give me shelter
Let me grab my arms around you
And give me whisper, let's not argue

Don't wanna lose you yet

Could we not just, sleep on tis first

Won't you give me one more night now
Maybe that's postponing
The unavoidable but

Don't wanna lose you yet
Well, I fear we're going down dear
And how am I supposed to

Make you ever make you change your mind back
When you're all set to go

I know this won't last much longer but
Don't wanna lose you yet


I wanna feel you

Come closer
But I do not claim to know
Oh how to save us from going under

Just when I need you most

It took me so long

To finally win you
Don't wanna lose you yet, mmmm
Don't wanna lose you yet, no

Don't wanna lose
You yet

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