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BEN MULLINS & TOSH JARRETT lyrics : "Cage of Ordinary"

Verse 1 (Tosh Jarrett):
I've been trapped in this cage for way too long.
This is not where I belong.

There's a longing in me that cries for me.
I'm making my stand to open up the door.

Chorus (Ben Mullins):
I'm breaking out of this cage that I've been trapped in!
I'm stepping forward from this world of low diversity.

I'm going gone where they'll never find me again!
Yeah, I'm finally free from this Cage of Ordinary!

Verse 2 (Ben Mullins):
Won't be afraid to break away from the crowd
In a world that tries to bring me down.

Even though I may be seen as a crazy freak,
I'm making my stand to be all I can be!!

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