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BEN LEE : Glerp Was A Boy lyrics

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BEN LEE lyrics : "Glerp Was A Boy"

I know I pay you out
But really you're my pal
I know I'm being coy

But poor Glerp was a boy
Glerp was a boy
Alternate chapters and with Glerp in a crown

I need that book more than ever right now
To take you for granted was such a bad thing
I'm a wandering fool and you're in control of everything

Glerp was a boy
You wrote my story kept glerp in tears
Twenty chapters spanning ten separate years

King of the calculator, heartbreaking chief
You kept silent while I lied through my teeth
Glerp was a boy

Didn't want a party if you couldn't be there
You took economics while I painted a chair
Stood by me like you had nowhere to go

If I was you I'd have left years ago
Glerp was a boy
Glerp was a boy

We'll finish school and go our separate ways
You'll get to fly off every week interstate
I'm used to seeing you every single day

I can't cope, without your jokes
And the guy who cried cause Glerp was a boy

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