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BEN LEE : Daisy lyrics

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BEN LEE lyrics : "Daisy"

I didn't see it coming
I just thought that you were friendly
But here we are passionately embraced

I suppose it's kind of funny
But it's also kind of scary
That your kiss brought back a feeling I'd erased

When you said that you were lonely
And I said I thought you would be

Then you took me to a darker holy place
Then I said I liked to kiss you
And you said you loved to kiss me

Then kissed the sweetest kiss I'll ever taste

'Cos I've known you for an hour

But you're growing like a flower In me
I've known you for a lifetime
Or we're soul mates from a past life


It's all mixed with indecision

And a painful soulful spilling
Of everything I've ever felt or known
And you know that they're all looking

So you kiss me even harder
Then hold me and I just feel right at home

Your touch is soft and tender
So I raise my flag surrender
Then say "I feel you staring at my soul"

And it makes them all feel awkward
But our time here's more important
So we sink into our closed eyed painful hole

I'm scared of what will happen
So I kiss you, say I'll call you

Then I tell you so much I don't understand
Then you kiss me with an answer
And my question seems invalid

And I go to bed with daisies in my hand

I call you there's no answer

But I know I have to see you
So I call and call and call and call again
But you never get my message

Or you choose not to return it
Because you shouldn't, needn't, wouldn't or just can't

I'm lonely and I love you
For the moment that is what's true In me
I've known you now forever

Joined at the soul together

There'll be no way to avoid you
When I see you in the movies
And I realize right now you're not here with me

If I'll see you in my lifetime
If again I'll feel you kiss me
I suppose that I'll just have to wait and see

But for now I'll just be grateful
To be touched by such an angel

And put it down as life experience
That my muse is just a daisy
With the most beautiful nature

Will one day fall back in my flower bed

And I know you said you love me

And that's the only memory left For me
'Cos I need you more than ever
Joined at the soul together


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