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BEN HARPER lyrics : "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again (Bonus Track)"

How sweet and happy seem, those days of which I dream
Memory recalls them now and then
And with what rapture sweet, my weary heart will beat

If I could hear my mother pray again
If I could only hear my mother pray again

If I could hear her, tender voice as then
How glad I would be, ?would mean so much to me
If I could hear my mother pray again

Within the old home place, her patient smiling face
Was always spreading comfort, hope and cheer

And when she used to sing to her eternal king
It was the angels loved to hear

She used to pray that I, on Jesus would rely
And always walked the shining gospel way
So trusting still His love I seek that home above.

Where I shall meet my mother some glad day.

Her work on earth is done, the life crown has been won

And she will be at rest with Him above.
And some glad morning, she I know will welcome me.
To that eternal home of peace and love

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa