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BEN CANTELON lyrics : "Celebrate"

Verse 1

Theres a song thats rising up inside
G A4 A

Its the overflow of praise
Bm A G D/F#
Your Joy has filled this heart again

Em7 Bm7 A
No, I am not the same
Em Bm A4 A

You have turned sorrow into praise

Refrão -------------

D G Bm A
We celebrate, You've put dancing on hearts
D G Bm A

We celebrate for all You've done and who you are
D/F# G Bm A4
We lift your name high above all other names

D/F# G A4 A
You are Lord of heaven and earth


Verse 2

For the battle has already been won,

Even death You overcame.

We crown You King of Glory now.

You reign victoriously;

We declare your majesty


D/F# G Bm A
I'll dance, I'll sing, giving glory to the King
D/F# G A

I'll praise Your name, for You reign
D/F# G Bm A
We'll dance, we'll sing, giving glory to King

D/F# G A
We'll praise Your name, for you reign

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