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BELLY : Dreamer lyrics

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BELLY lyrics : "Dreamer"

(I'm such a dreamer)

I mix the mother$#&@ing thangs up

[Belly - verse 1]
Like never before,

I take the %#@! to forget you,
I remember you more,
$#&@, I never be sure,

Do I need you as a friend or an enemy more
Um shoot, she settled the score,
She put me through hell,

With that heavenly aura,
And it hurts to say it'll never be more,
Even though you're not mine I'll forever be yours

Promise forever to keep,
Tryna see my dream girl but I'm never asleep,
Left me with a seven day heart,

Emotions are weak,
She used to feel the same,
Till she woke up from me.


I mix the mother$#&@ing thangs up

[Belly - verse 2]

Look, my vision is getting blurry,
These women are in a hurry,
To see me gone and buried,

By the time that I hit thirty,
Now she changing up her will,
Plus she $#&@in' my attorney,

Come and take a ride on a dirty (*##$ journey,
Come and come and take a ride on a dirty (*##$ journey,
Come and come and take a ride on a dirty (*##$ journey,

And even though she's already a solid 10
She should be in college but she's thinking collagen,
And all her baller friends say you gotta win,

She ain't old enough for the club but they got her in,
She got the trail stars, trust burns,
Somthing, $#&@ her, love hurts,

And I never gave a $#&@ first,
Forget everything you heard about me,
What you didn't hear is much worse.


And um, and um,
I won't feed you less you $#&@ first,

I swear this type of %#@! must hurt

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