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BELLE and SEBASTIAN lyrics : "Stay Loose"

I was choking on a cornflake
You said "Have some toast instead"
I was sleeping maybe three hours

You said "You should get to bed"
I was waiting at the church door
For the minister to show

I was looking at the new year
You said "Walk before you crawl"

I was feeling like a loser
You said "Hey, you've still got me"
I was feeling pretty lonely

You said "You wanted to be free"
I was looking for a good time
You said "Let the good times start"

With a quiver of your eyelid
You took on someone else's part

Maybe I'm a little greedy
You said "Think before you speak"
Sometimes I'm a little seedy

You said "Everyone is weak"
Now I feel a little better
Is there something I can do?

But I never heard the answer
I never had a clue

But what about me
I don't really see
How things will improve

If all you want is to stay loose

There's a little echo calling

Like a miner trapped inside
If I tell her of this moment
She will in me doubts confide

And she's on me like a blanket
Like a stalk of wilting grass
I'm not sure about her motives

I'm not sure about her past

But my faith is like a bullet

My belief is like a bolt
The only thing that lets me sleep at night
A little carriage of the soul

If it starts a little bleaker
Then the year may yet be gold
Happiness is not for keeping

Happiness is not my goal

But what about me

I don't really see
How things will improve
If all you want is to stay loose

But what about them
You play mother hen
To a gaggle of gangling youth

All you want is to stay loose

I was living through the seconds

My composure was a mess
I was miles from tenderness
It was dark outside, the day it was lying in pieces

Everything is flat and dreary
I couldn't care what's in the news
Television is the blues

Television is hysterical laughter of people

And I know it could be me

I'm always asking for more
I keep running round in circles
I keep looking for a doorway

I'm going to need two lives
To follow the paths I've been taking

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