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BEFALLEN lyrics : "The Black Which Binds"

In this black
life's not your own
Dreading the darkness

when left all alone
can you feel
the constant dread

stripping, and tearing
tormenting, creating


a soul so sick

a heart so black
defining existence in suffering
they wont speak

silence their voice
reveling in darkness and misery



with out fear, not whole
the scaring, the bleeding has justified my being

crippling free will
the sorrow, the malice has fortified my being, its bound to...

now you see
beauty and light

have succumbed to horror
engulfed by this blight

whispers of death
to give in to this life
an acceptance of fate

why now, this entity?

was my heart, so open to it?
blood stained, from a former life?
penance? punishment?

the darkness it leaves


all my faith in a cross, made pendulum, swing
tell me my life can be mine to dictate again
In a world where my life can be forgotten

as you lived I paved way for my destruction

honor or shame to inflict and endure such pain?

every thing that I can feel must you always steal?
just a slave to the hate and all the resent
through all of this I know now that my life is forfeit

the heart is sick, the soul is black.

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