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BEBE WINANS : In The Midst Of The Rain lyrics

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BEBE WINANS lyrics : "In The Midst Of The Rain"

Every time I lift my eyes to the sky
I'm reminded of a time in my life
When all the dark clouds hung over me

I was lost inside in search of a key

I remember loved ones being so kind

Saying things would get much better with time
And I admit sometimes they did for a while
And then I'd find myself back under the cloud

Right in the midst of the rain

My heart was so full of pain
You came and rescued my soul
And then your love took control

Right in the midst of the rain
You caused me to smile again
My life was awesomely changed

Right in the midst of the rain

When it comes right down to just you and me

There's nothing better now these eyes can see
And tell me what compares to all you are
You are everything, yes my morning star

My mind my heart and soul said I now give to you
I'm under your command so what can I do?

Cause I surrender all, all that I owe
And will follow wherever you go


There will never be another

'Cause You're nothing like the others
This love I find in you
I found to be true


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