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BEBE WINANS : If You Say lyrics

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BEBE WINANS lyrics : "If You Say"

How do I know this is love?
Can someone guarantee it's real?
Could this end up like before?

A wave goodbye and out the door
I still believe the words you say
Take the risk my heart could pay

It's you I need, you are the cure
There's no mistake this time I'm sure

'Cause if you say I can
Then I know I will

If you say you love me, then it's so
If you say, if you say, if you say

Time and chance happens to all
You somehow heard my silent call
I waited here beside my tears

A sure companion through these years
Shower down just like the rain
You be the healing for my pain

All I need is just to hear
The words "I Love You" in my ear


So tell me it's for always

Tell me we're forever
Tell me goodbyes just won't be
If you say, if you say, if you say

It makes the difference
If you say, if you say, if you say...

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