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BEATY WHITE lyrics : "Sasquatch"

Call me Tony Hawk cause Im sittin on the ground, An'

If you bring the lighting, Then I got that Thunder Sound, An'

If she's vegetarian I cucumber her down, Way.

Harder then M.J. On a Play Ground, Woah.

I spit sweet bars, Call it Wonka.

(*##$ I never play around, Tonka

Go ahead and talk %#@! then ima bonk ya'

Maybe someday is this World that Ima conquer

Im spittin' Venom, These other rappers forget em'

They come around and I end em'

And hit em' with my momentum Ah'

The mechanism,

The stopping the communism,

This poppin' up out the prism

This pottin' the raw the system. Hah!

I gotta lotta heart like King Kong.

She playin' with my balls like ping-pong

I feed her my Dick like a Ding-Dong

Playin' With them [email protected]%$ in the cities like bing-bong

It seems apparent that starin' im incoherent

Transperent when people glarin'

Not caring' my musics blarin' And'

I devour

The people begin to cowar

The rifle up on the tower

Thats fired at every hour, Woah!

Somehow I never seem to give a !#@*.

Got ahead and talk %#@!, I cant get enough.

Through your fist up, If you're feelin' tough.

Skinny young man through hands, like im hella buff.

You chippin' from the rough, for the sandtrap.

Im sittin' on the green fareway or the stairway, To

Heaven, Led Zeplin,

Play it backwards, Its the password to getcher $$# hurt,

So, Are you a [email protected]$(?

Sittin' at your local bar gettin' platered

Too $#[email protected] up, and you act a hazard.

Remastered, Got your $$# walkin' backwards.

Please. You need to stay calm.

I know I spit heat like a $#[email protected] napalm.

Get to rowdy and you get a face palm. Wait.

I dont give a !#@* cause im so, wait, GONE.

Ive been drinkin too much liqour

Now my bellies getting sicker

Need find a girl to dick her dick her down. Dick her down

Pick her up and Dick her down.

Make her world go round when I go down town. Pound.

Pound on down them ovaries.

Aint nobody over me.

Stickin through these women like im diggin through my groceries

Lets have a toast to me.

Heres to what im supposed to be.

Heres to when i hit it and remember who was close to me

Think before you say it with your mouth.

Back when all I used to do was stay up in my house.

Back when not a single so would care what im about.

This is what i am about so keep my name up out your mouth.


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