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BEANIE SIGEL lyrics : "Who Shot Ya '04"

Who Shot Ya
Rock'a'by Mutha$#[email protected]
I Hope You High Mutha$#[email protected]

Ready To Die Mutha$#[email protected]

All My Bk ^!$$%s, Kill At Will

Who Shot Ya?
Seperate The Weak From State Procta

(Turn My Mic Up, Yea Turn My Mic Up
Turn The Beat Up)

Who Shot Ya?
^!$$%, Feel The Lead From My Choppa
We Can Grab Our Piece And Get This Ceased

And Get It On ^!$$%.
Take This %#@! To The Streets
But You'd Rather Rat And Squeek To Police

Until You Get Hit Wit Tha 4 Pound Heat
Blood Start To Leak, Heartbeat Get Weak
Send'em To The Priest, Forever You'll Sleep

6 Feet Deep
You Drownin In %#@!'s Creek
The Sandman Visit ^!$$%s In They Sleep

Picture Me In Prison Gettin Business By The Week
Even If They Cuff'em My Boys Got Instructions:
Strictly Destruction

Everybody Sufferin, Ya Kids; Butt $#[email protected]'em
Starve'em With ?Construction?
Show Mercy On Nothin

Beat'em Till They Skin Bussin'
Slaughter, Torture
Pour Acid On Your Daughter

Your (*##$ Pregnant; Rape Her!
Make Her Break Her Water
Now U Can Go And Tell Jake That ^!$$%

Lame ^!$$%z, The Same ^!$$%
Inquires; Front Page ^!$$%
Like Bin Ladin Wit His K In A Cave ^!$$%

Hit-Men For Higher, Guns, Gettin Paid ^!$$%
I Got A Hundred For Your Head In A Bag
Another Hundred If It's Broad Day On The Ave

Who Shot Ya?... The Evil Genious
Mutha $#[email protected]!
^!$$%, All You Seen Was The Light From The Heat

Mask On Tight, Get Away Was So Sweet
A Bunch'a Black Smoke, Dual Exhaust On The Jeep
Back Tires Skreetch While They Mark Up The Streets

I'ma Slide For The Truck Up The Street
Yellowtape Off The Block When I Quake Off The Glock
Extended Clips, Silencers On The Hammers

Gats Won't Slip; Rubber Grips On The Handles
Thou Shall Not $#[email protected] Wit Bean Sig Scrappy
Prepare For That Trip In That Caddy

I'm Killin You Like Full Blow Here
?Rape Ya Kids?
Like In The First Verse But The %#@! Get Worse

No Need For The Herse When The 4 Pound Burst
Blow Up Ya Face Then Show Up At The Wake
Piss On The Casket

Or Dump Out Your Ashes,
Shoot Up The Choir,
Light The Church On Fire...

Who Shot Ya...?
Go'head ^!$$%, Rat To The Coppas
If I Gave A $#[email protected] I Would'a Clapped Up Ya Docta

Chased Down And Shot Up The Driver
Who Pushed The Ambalance
Wouldn't Be No Second Chances

Ivs, Gause, A Ace Bandage
Crutches, Canes, Wheelchairs; Impaired Transit
^!$$% You Betta Off Wit Cancer Or Aids

Try To Run Up Hill Wit No Legs

Who Shot You @@#! Suckaz

Public Enemy Numba $#[email protected] One

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