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BEANIE SIGEL lyrics : "Prayer"

Featuring Raheem DeVaughn

[Verse 1:]
As I wake up in the mornin, stretch my arms wide

Before I even yawn or wipe the cold out my eyes
I say Al Humdulillah, givin praise to my God
Allowin' me another day, blessin me to rise

Know at any given moment, it could be my demise
Cuz you only get a minute to pray (and a second to die)
And realising that

I've come to terms with that
One day, I'm gon burn for all my haneous acts
I know a sincere prayer can only change my fate

So I drop, prostrate
And pray it ain't too late
For me to ask for forgiveness and increase my faith

And guide me on the path thats straight
And never lead me astray
Cuz I know I cant walk this alone

I'm in fear of that fork in the road
The devil there, waitin to claim my soul
So I pray that you hold my hand

As I follow your footprints in the sand.


Now I know I done did some wrong
And I ain't been to talk to you in so, so long
So I'ma hit my knees and extend my palms

And send this up to you and hope you hear this
I'll be prayin' (prayin'), I'll be prayin' (prayin'),
I'll be prayin' (yeah), I'll be prayin (ayee yeah)

[Verse 2:]
I often find myself stuck, just starin' in space

Feel like hours at a time
My mind driftin' away
Can't quite collect my thoughts or put 'em in place

And I grab a glimpse of my momma with a head full of grays
I know they shouldn' be there, (nah) not for her age
And then I think of how I stressed her and shortened her days

Her long sleepless nights, not knowing if I was safe
Or was my name on the list of the reaper that day
I sink deeper as I feel a tear creep down my face

I wipe it away, now my thoughts on life in the grave
I know on that day, that three things gon go wit ya
Ya family, ya wealth, and ya deeds, but two gon leave

And when that last person leave that site
The grave gon squeeze so tight
Ya ribs gon overlap, till every bone crack

I drop my head in despair, imagine going through that
I smell fire then I notice the hole in my pants
I drop my cigarette butt and brush off my ash

I'm still stuck but I notice a car pass
I hear the driver cussin' me out over his horn blast
Damn, this can't be right

Let me snap back to life
How long I been stuck, day dreaming at this light?
Wondering if thats a sign of how I'm moving through life

A reckless abandon
A accident, just waitin' to happen.

[Chorus x2]

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