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BEANIE SIGEL lyrics : "H.H.E.H."

Ay Lo, run to the fridge and pop that other bottle of Cris' homey
I'm off the weed but I'm back on my juice ^!$$%
Pour me up an ounce and a couple of th epurps

[Beanie Sigel:]
As I skate through the city in that black cuatro

You fake Willies frontin like you got dough until I prove 'em it's not so
I shine like a brand new penny from that Franklin Mint
That black Masi', it don't make no cents/sense

But to drive and make dollars, your pockets flat like tires
Your money still ALL SLOW like new drivers
I pop more than the collar

You ^!$$%z poppin cheap-ass bottles of Moet
That bull%#@! Chandon, that little chick on your arm be long gone
When she recognize a real don

I'm in the club in the cut sippin on aged grapes
Laughin at them brolic car thieves, in their slim-ass jeans and Bath' Apes
Lookin half gay, halfway out of the closet

You don't believe me, ^!$$% ask Sway
What the $#[email protected] is that? You ^!$$%z need to be slapped
Whoever co-signed bein a sucker wasn't stacked

HHEH! [echoes]
HHEH! [echoes]

[Beanie Sigel:]
Uhh, sit back, relax, let's rap for taste

Track 10 from the fits, peep my old head face
You see if real ^!$$%z respect it, the squares gon' rep it
I'm guessin, that's why this bull%#@! keep progressin

But I ain't stressin, ^!$$% class in session
I'm here to teach you a lesson like KRS'n
"Criminal, Minded, you've been blinded"

Lookin for a ^!$$% like Sig', you won't find it
I'm a dinosaur~! You ^!$$%z more like
What I look for in a [email protected]^%, heh, !#$)!

Nuttin more, nuttin less, I'm nuttin to second guess
I'm him, point blank period, the end
When I'm long gone, they gon' dig up my bones

And study my poems and learn I was MORE than the gun in the song
Even though I spit a gat
Quicker than I spit a rap, now go 'head sonny, run along

HHEH! [echoes]
HHEH! [echoes]

[Beanie Sigel:]
Now when that sizzurp in my system, ain't no tellin

Will I bust that four-fifth and, catch another felon'
I'm a thug by blood, not just off drugs
Even though I love, that purple mug

UHH, drunk off syrup, perks and zanees
Spit a word make a bird lose her skirt and her panties (and them panties)
I know it's been a while, since I left a stain on your brain

Gave you some game that you can gain from
I'm here to end it now
Break the cycle of that bull%#@! same ol' same, that these lames run

It's a shame it's they names where they came from
These ^!$$%z fly-by-nights, they couldn't fly my kite
Tie my shoes, lace my boots

They money run short, they couldn't chase my loot
Paper small like Coupes, I'm that Sport sittin butter soft
He nothin but a boss - who? Me - Sig', but of course

HHEH! [echoes]
HHEH! [echoes]

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