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BEANIE SIGEL lyrics : "Don't Realize"

(feat. Rell)

[Beanie Sigel Talking]

Somebody's burnin close to the ground
I been here before,but I aint gone lay down
naw, naw you suckas, i aint gone lay down

[Verse 1: Beanie Sigel]
Uh aiyoa I walks like a pimp, spark wit this mack

Click lock aint a smith you tell from this gat
You $#[email protected] around and lose a leg or somethin
I laser somethin I'm a predator

Make me Schwarzennegger something
You ^!$$%s talkin bout a dolla aint a thing
I got da blocks boilin move oils like Babylon

I move work in and out da Tri-State
All doubles don't supply weight
All bureaus five eights

Yeah, I'm in and out of state
I touched alot of states
And yeah my plate touched alot steaks

And you crumbs can't supply a cake
And cake don't make crumbs it's true
Do da knowledge wait

I'm try to school you to some game youngin
But you nuckle head lame youngin
Swear you know the game youngin

Swear we move on the same train youngin
I'm on a different track
I'm the conductor yall ^!$$%s rats

[Rell: Chorus Sung]
Yall ^!$$%s don't realize [uh uh]

What it takes to make this doe
There's no motha$#[email protected] way that I [we eatin ^!$$%]
Can show you how we roll

Wish yall realized [get meal, get a free lunch ticket or somethin]
What it takes to make this cream
Things I'm makin wit my team

So simple as it seems

[Verse 2: Beanie Sigel]

Yall ^!$$%s $#[email protected] wit that bake and that come back
And always got a story like wait, I'ma come back
Sometimes you gotta go away to make a come back

And those that know when they go don't even come back
My nails dirty I aint sit on my hands
Scale dirty i aint sit on no grams

Jail worthy got dat %#@! my $$#
Man, hustlin all inside of me
I cop a spot, pop them numbers like the lottery

Keep my luck sevens, big fours right beside of me
Not pick six keep hollows right beside of me
In case them numbers on them balls jump around

I gotta make them boys come to town and dumb around
You mufackas betta buckle down
Before I buckle down

Naw ^!$$% we can't knuckle now
We past dat we on another level
Like blast dat, body bag, casket, nother shevel

[Rell: Chorus Sung]

[Verse 3: Beanie Sigel]
I sold it all
I even broke them ^!$$%s on the dice

Bucked them ^!$$%s who was nice
Broke em all
You used to pop willies on the block

Now you pop willy on the block
So where da raw
My attitude like the state of Missouri

Can I relate to you story
^!$$%s naw
You talkin to the wrong one

^!$$% I'm a strong gun
Walked in this game
But I'm in it for the long run
Till the lord come
I'm a get it till it's all done

[Rell: Chorus Sung Until Instrumental and fade out]

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