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BEANIE SIGEL lyrics : "Dear Self (Can I Talk To You)"

(feat. James Blunt (sample))

[Chorus x2: James Blunt]

And I see no bravery,
No bravery in your eyes anymore.
Only sadness.

Dear self, can I talk to you,
I been trying to have this conversation for years but you won't listen,

Damn, are you that plain ignorant? your so indignant,
Please come off that high chair your sitting in,
Before you snatched from it, or strapped to it,

Ya body used as a conduit, a thousand volts flow through you,
Ya life gone over something foolish,
Talking to you is so useless,

Ya head harder than them walls you'll be housed in soon,
Before ya body's embalmed and you lie in tomb,
Open ya ears, eyes and heart, cause that hour's soon,

And the hour shall cometh, when Ish* Rahzel blows his trumpets,
The sky shall crack, the stars will plummet,
The sun will rise in the West you'll drown in your own sweat

And when that day shall be, I'll bet I'll see no bravery.


Dear self can I talk to you?
Dear self can I talk to you?

Who are you to lecture me? You question me about my life and the choices I made?,
How dare you to place me in an early grave? (whoa)

Why you gotta talk to me in that fashion?,
You bury me face down with an open casket, this whole world can kiss mine,
Tell me what this life got to offer him...

A crooked preacher and a church alter**?,
A short speech and a long offering?,
A deep grave and a short coffin?

Oh I get it... you Righteous now (haha)... well let the truth be told,
You done smoke every blunt I rolled,
You done drove every car I stole,

Cooked up every crack I sold,
You done slept with every trick I laid,
Collected off every bet I made... [laughs]

But I guess you done found Christ... I ain't know he was missin (Whoa)
Watch your Blasphemy,
Man I ain't asked to be,

Just let me live my life,
Now hold on - No you listen,
You was there on every decision,

Whether it was right or wrong,
And now you trying to right my wrongs,
You got some nerve - you even give me the words I write in this song,

You see... my vision's much clearer,
It's not me but it's you that I see when I look in the mirror
And you call yourself saving me?,

But it's through your eyes that I see... No bravery.


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