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BBMAK lyrics : "So Wrong So Right"

What can I do
Trying not to think of you
But I'm caught between whats wrong

And what is real

Look at me now

I'm turning around
Don't know if i'm up or down
But I know I've gotta go with what I feel

And if he only knew
That you were here with me

There's nothing we can do
Cause were fallin in to deep

So wrong , so right
You're everything I need tonight

I won't fight this feeling anymore
So good , so bad
You're everything I've never had

Everthing i've been waiting for

What can I say

You just take my breath away
And I can't go back
To how it used to be

I'm just asking you
To help me understand

'Cause being here with you's
Not exactly what I've planned

( Repeat Chorus)

I didn't know that would fall

It's loving you or not at all
We could run away
From everything we used to be

(Repeat chorus to fade)

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