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BARRY MANILOW lyrics : "bring on tomorrow"

Sleep baby, sleep
Lose yesterday's blues
When you're ready for morning

Have I got news
Our ship's in the harbor
The street's turning gold

Whatever you're dreaming, it's no longer on hold

Dream baby, dream

While you were asleep
I had mountains to climb and a promise to keep
Now home is the hunter and holding the prize

I'm waiting tell you when you open your eyes


Bring on tomorrow for me and for you
We hung on through dark hours, dawn's overdue
Bring on tomorrow and show me the sun

We'll live it together 'cause you are the one

Smile baby, smile

Through canyon's of night
But you'll really be smiling by morning's light
They told us we're crazy

They promised I'd lose
Forgive and forget them
They're yesterday's news

Without you it's nothing

Why else would I climb?
Together forever, hearts beating in time


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