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BARRIO BOYZZ lyrics : "O' My Goodness"

Girl we've been good friends for such a long, long time
And we've seen each other's love ups and downs
See I've been watching you and you've been watching me too

Let's try our luck at love, one step at a time.
And she said

O' my goodness, never knew you thought of me that way
O' my goodness, I can't find the words I need to say but,

O' my goodness, please don't ever take you love away,
O' my goodness, say you'll give me good love everyday

Is there someone on you mind playing with your heart?
Lay your thoughts of love, sweet love on the line.
'Cause I'm free from all those girls I use to see.

If it's cool let's tie the knot, girl you and me.
And she said



Consider the hurt old lovers put us through
Did you ever imagine love would shine, on you and I
Now our hearts yearn and burn to hold the key

That unlocks the door to our love's destiny

O' my goodness

Ooh my love

Most of our old high school friends knew we would get it on.

Long before we tried our luck at romance.
But one thing they don't know is how good you make me feel
Your sweet love gives me such a thrill

And she said


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