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BARRIO BOYZZ lyrics : "Latin Groove"

Here we are with the new sound
Calling the people to join the party
Smile on my face, pride in my race

Gives us a reason to celebrate

There's no need to front or fight, we're here

To party, we can pump it all night
Brown skin lady, what a sight, keep it
Going, nobody can stop this

If you feel it in the beat, c'mon and

Move, dance to this latin groove,
Let the rhythm take your feet and get up,
Dance to this latin groove

Here we go, on the right track
United with music, dropping the beat

It ain't no sin, the sun on my skin
Feel the power from deep within
When it comes to latin love

So sensuous you will find
Don't try to stop us cause latin pride
Is so deep, it'll blow your mind


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