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Barbara Dickson : Tell Me It's Not True lyrics

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Barbara Dickson lyrics : "Tell Me It's Not True"

Tell me it's not true
Say it's just a story
Something on the news

Tell me it's not true
Though it's here before me
Say it's just a dream

Say it's just a scene
From an old movie from years ago
From an old movie of Marilyn Monroe's

Say it's just some clowns
Two players in the limelight

And bring the curtain down
Say it's just two clowns
Who couldn't get their lines right

Say it's just a show on the radio
That we can turn over and start again
That we can turn over, it's only a game

Tell me it's not true
Say I only dreamed it

And morning will come soon
Tell me it's not true
Say you didn't mean it

Say it's just pretend
Say it's just the end
Of an old movie from years ago

Of an old movie with Marilyn Monroe

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