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Baptised In Ice lyrics : "Frozen Heart"

On the frost of the mysterious desert
I ride with my sword by my side
On a trip to the unknown

On the sad winter of the old time
Men and gods
Realities and dimensions witch find each other

With the blade of my pagan sword
I honour my frozen heart.

I trust the sword in my hand
And in my frozen heart.
From the hills to the desert

I ride without direction.

Snow touches my face as they are fire flakes

Blowed by the wind coming from
The stars in my direction.

I see...

I see ravens flying

In my dreams
Flying in the sky above my head.

I see ravens flying
In my dreams
And I see their eyes shining like the stars.

Obscure images visits me,
In the dark desert nights

Between reality and another dimension
I carry on with journey through the desert.

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