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Ballyhoo lyrics : "Say I'm Wrong"

I don't wanna wonder if you love me
I just wanna know this much is true
I've been searching for a purpose

Thought I found someone in you
But now I've got some questions, baby
And I can't stop the feelings I have

Am I heading for some trouble
On this windy heart train track?

Way, way, way too long
I've been trying to get through to you
Tell me, what should I do

Say, say, say, I'm wrong
If standing up for this is wrong
Then I don't wanna be right

Staying up all night with you
is a gift that I won't forget

Make out sessions in the dark
like the times when we first met
Making love on your bedroom floor

in the night while your parents slept
We would laugh and whisper
until the morning sunlight crept it

We don't talk much like we used to do
And I miss our silly conversations

Please tell me, should I stop loving you?
'cause I don't think i could even if i tried

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa