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Ballyhoo lyrics : "Sandcastles"

Here comes another day just like the one before

If I'm gonna keep living my life this way
I'll be face down on the floor
Cause I don't wanna see my picture there

Hanging from the wall of shame
I gotta get up before my mind erupts
One day this worlds gonna know my name

Just like a daydream

It feels so amazing
Don't wake me up
Running away from a wasteland

Just to save my heart
It breaks enough
Stand up and fight for yourself son

No ones ever gonna stand up for you

Verse 2:

I've got no plan of action
Just a list of things I need
To get that satisfaction

It feels so far from me
I can walk this line
Explore decline until I'm gone

But I am meant for something more
This is not where I belong

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa