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Ballout lyrics : "Pill Party Ft. Sosa"

Ballout from the streets.

(Chief Keef) Hey ball what you on bruh?
And my party, haha
They off Molly,They off Lean,They off syrup,They Off Bottles,They off Xanax!

[Hook: Ballout]
I got mollies,I got zannys,I got all type of deals!

In my party off this lean i can not sit still.
Lets bust open a bag of them damn xy pills.
Everybody like damn, whats to these damn pills?

Gettin money everybody callin him Lil Will
I'm Ballout baby been ballin with no deal

Got a warehouse full of pills (*##$ I'm still sellin pills.
If yo $$# selling lean that %#@! better be sealed.

[Verse:1 Ballout]
Man ballin with no deal pourin lean till it spill
And if you lookin for me im in my party sellin pills

They like you still sellin pills?
Hell yeah are you forreal?
I done counted up so much damn money off them pills

But don't tell nobody i told you
Cause these ^!$$%s snitchin forreal
They say they drillin' but we kill em forreal

I be stuntin by my warehouse
I'm making to many deals
I be working on my new warehouses out in Beverly Hills

A White (*##$ red bottom heals Sellin pills makin deals
I got all type of pills
I got [???] I got double stacked pills

What you want a flat pill?
I even got that molly in the capsule.

[Hook: Ballout]

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]

(*##$ I'm Chief Sosa baby
I Don't do that molly
I brought molly to the party

For everybody
I can't do no x pill it have me so excited! (Slow It Down)
Shoot some %#@! up & catch a $#[email protected] homi

Shouts out Johnny Dang
That boy got me icy
My watch & chain that %#@! hella icy

20k a verse tell me who sell em' like me
Who want this pint first
Tell me [??] like me

Who want these shots first
Tell me wo send em like me
Sosa is you leanin?

Yeah (*##$ I might be
Busy countin green & $#[email protected] [??]
Ballout call me up like lets go to this party!

[Hook: Ballout]

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