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BAILEY lyrics : "Get 2 Know Ya"

(feat. Shawn Stockman)

Said I Wanna Get To Know Ya

[Verse 1:]
Ive Been All Across The States From Bay To Brooklyn

And The Feelin Of Somebody Girl Even Though I Shouldn't
Is It Me Or All The Damn Real Ones Tookin
My Boy Tell Me To Let It Come To Me Stop Lookin

But I Couldn't I Met A Young Woman At The Malls Foot Actions
Man Look What Happened
I Told Her To Fix Her Blouse It Kind Of Unfassind

She Her Braided Draped In The Latest Fashion
I Said Two Plus Some Movie And Some Really Good Addin
I Subtract Hittin The Club John Mad For You

She Started Laughin Said It Was A Slick One
Thought It Was In Her Bag She Hit Me With A Quick One
But You Guessed I Gotta Man

But I Can See It In Her Eyes That She Needed A Friend
Sick Of The Same Route Need A Corner To Bend
So I No A Spot She Could Position Me

Well Got Damn If You Got A Man Let Me Be Ya Friend (Let Me Be A Friend)

I Jus Wanna Know Ya (Said Iii)
Let Me Get To Know Ya
Well Got Damn If You Got A Man Baby I Understand Let Me Get To Show Ya

Need Someone To Hold Ya
I Wanna Get To Know Ya

[Verse 2:]
I Had A Crush On This Girl That I Had A Little Thing Bout The First Breezy That I Had A Wet Dream Bout
Grew Up Together But I Neva Made A Move

Cause Her Time Couldn't Improve Me And The Other Dude I Knew Everything About Her How She Listened To Quinn And You Dove Soap For Her Sensitive Skin
Back Then I Had A Fade And A O.G. Swirl
A Rhymestone Visor But I Needed A Girl

Time Went By Fast She Moved In 99
Moved Outta My Sight But Not Outta My Mind
She Came Back Fine Doin Graphic Design

I Figured She Had A Man But She Said She Left Him Behind
I Told Her How I Felt (^!$$%h I Spoke Up)
She Replied Im Down But My Man Would Go Nuts

I Had To Grit My Teeth Cause I Almost Choked Up
I Handed Baby My Number And Said So What


Said He Kant Do You Better Than Me [x2]

No No No No No No
Oh Yeah Yeah Ooh Ooh

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