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BABYFACE lyrics : "Where Is My Love?"

I want a woman I can do things for
Give her the world if she wants it
All things and even more

And anything her little heart desires
There's nothing I wouldn't do
And if she doesn't get quite enough

I'll break down to her knees
Until she screams
Please give me more

Where tell me
Where is my love, tell me

Where is the girl of my dreams
For me

Oh, where is my love

Oh, I'm the kinda man that wants a special girl

To be the only tender in my world
She's the kinda girl that wants a special guy
To love her to the day she dies

Oh honey, the shame about it is
You don't even know I'm out there
Seems like I feel you near

Are you in this room
Will I meet you soon
Oh, please come to me

[HOOK 2 times]

You know
They say love is a many splendid thing, baby

So complicated, but so good
But you know we
We can't seem to find each other, can we baby

I mean, I'm looking for you
And you're looking for me too, but
I tell you what

I'm gonna keep searching 'til I find you baby, 'cause
I know you're out there somewhere
I won't give up on you baby

Just please come to me now, darlin'

Please tell me

[HOOK 3 times]

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