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BABYFACE lyrics : "Pride & Joy"

You're always there for me
Whenever I fall
Whenever I'm in need

You always know when to call
When I've come to my ends
I know I can depend on your loving me

Your touching me
Your constant faith and trust in me

And how can I tell you
How I love you so
Oh darling I just wanna tell you

That you're my pride and joy

Through thick and the thin

You were the strength for me

You wouldn't let me give in

At the end of the road
Somehow I've always known
That your trust in me

Your love in me
Got me to believe in me

You are my first and last thought of the day
You are my hearbeat
Without you I can't breathe

I can't imagine me without you in my life
You are my one soul inspiration
Without you I'll just die

HOOK repeat to fade

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