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BABYFACE lyrics : "No Doubt About Love"

I don't know just what to make of this world
My friends are wonderin' too
I got some doubt about the state of this world

'N what we're gonna do

All I know is you

'N the feelin' I feel is the truth
I'm in love with you
'N I don't need to figure it out

All I know now is that
I got no doubt about love

Hesitation is out
Now that I got not doubt about love

You've never sure about your place in this world

Or what you need to survive

Some people say that
What it takes in this world
Is constant compromise

But your love's so fine
And I must have done somethin' so right

To be in love with you
And I ain't givin' up what I got


Can it be

Has taken ahold in my life
Imagine my surprise

No doubt big love is arrived
Every day I thank God I'm alive


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