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BABYFACE lyrics : "Never Keeping Secrets"

I never meant to lie to you
But I needed me an easy way out
I couldn't face the truth with you

Because I didn't want to lose my clout
I always have been good to you
Girl I promise you that nothing has changed

Momentary insanity
Must be the reason why I did you that way

So now I'm telling everybody
That I know I was a fool
To take a chance of losing

And girl I can't take losing you

So I'm

Never keeping secrets
And I'm never telling lies
I wanna make it up to you

No I'm
Never keeping secrets
Girl I swear it's all behind

I only wanna be with you

I didn't want to lie to you

But I didn't want to let you down
It never did occur to me
Sooner or later that you would find out

You know how much I care for you
And I would never want to cause you pain
I know that there is no excuse

How could I ever treat my baby that way

That's why I'm telling everybody

That I know I was a fool
But I don't give a damn about it
'Cause I wanna get back wit you


If you wanna go
I want you to know
Girl that I understand it

But I don't recommened it
'Cause I love you more
I know you can't ignore

That I will die for you
And lay down my life for you
Girl I wanna see

You standing next to me
Girl I apologize
For each and every lie

I want you to be
The only one for me
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever


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