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BABYFACE lyrics : "Let No One Separate Us"

Honey I never felt like
I had someone to rely on
Until that day you came

And you made my life complete
And you should know I love you so

Honey you never felt like
You had someone you could count on
Until that day we met

And you put your trust in me
And let me know that you won't let go

Let no man separate us
Let no one come between our love
Let no man separate us

We're sharing our love forever

Darling, it doesn't seem like

We've been together for so long
Ain't it funny how time flies
When we're having fun

Well girl, the fun has just begun

Just a little bit of wine by candlelight

To celebrate our love, ooh baby
Let's be thankful
That we've kept our love so strong

Let's make a vow to carry on

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