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BABBIE MASON : Jesus Is lyrics

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BABBIE MASON lyrics : "Jesus Is"

Is there a place in your heart with a missing peace
Are you trying to get over but you can't win for losing
You try to figure it out

But you don't know how
So you struggle with doubt
Turn it over to Jesus

Whatever you need
Is all found in Him

If you need the Faith to keep on believing

If you need the Hope to shine on your fears
If you need the Love that conquers anything
Jesus Is

If you need the Way to take you to Heaven
If you need the Truth to make things clear
If you need the Life that changes everything

Jesus Is

Move up a little higher and find your new beginning

Step out a little further into the joy of living
You've got to say, "I can do all things through Christ
Who gives me the strength"

This you must pray
Turn it over to Jesus
Whatever you need

Is all found in Him


Jesus is the blood that's flowing through your veins
Jesus is the Light that lights your way

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