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B.O.B. lyrics : "Boom Bap"

(*##$es kissing and hugging, [email protected][email protected] tripping and bugging
you watching mine i'm on my grind, and i ain't quitting for nothing
tell your mothers and uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins

my flow so nasty deranged, that [email protected][email protected] TIP is disgusting
gotta trip from the game, quit your pulling and tugging
cause i am clinically insane

i go to pushing the button, they get the clicking and busting
you get the dipping, the ducking they empty the clip by the dozen
you come up missing for nothing,

hey i can triple your budget, i'm in the bizness of hustling
if we ain't talking about money, i say let's end the discussion
hate off my shoulders I'm brushing, all the ladies are bless you

they all love when i $#[email protected], blacks, Latinos and russian
tell them be easy, no rushing, mastered the art of seduction
i let them blow me so much head, i could catch a concussion

7 chicks in the bed, touching licking and sucking
dick i'm into submission and then i send themâ?¦
cousin we nothing alike, you can say what you like,

do all that huffing and puffing and run away from the fight
don't know who get in yourâ?¦when you sit in your right
the great imaginary life you only live on the mike

i'm who you'd die to be like, cause i'm so fly with it, nice
to live my life you'd have to try to hit the lottery twice
find it amusing, i'm giggling, at what you made in a year

quadruple that while in prison, serving my day in a year, ^!$$%
wow, it's on right nowâ?¦bang listen
no retreat, no surrender, no gimmicks, no hopes, no jokes, no pretenders

the â?¦ littleâ?¦defendersâ?¦ haters all they tempers
but tell them phil how they feel, $#[email protected] let it go

that's ineffective though, i'm in a â?¦ show
it's that incredible and my old special doze, extra flow, quiet dogâ?¦
off the chain, i was born unleashedâ?¦

and i get it how i get it cause i'm from these streets
â?¦these [email protected][email protected]â?¦ i cut your favorite rhythmâ?¦ i made this
say it once, say it twice, you made this

that's in a affirmative, word of big bird it is
â?¦ i got the fire workâ?¦
you feel it in the chest when the base be bang

yeah and you know my style, i'm from the killer caneâ?¦
while we turn it on and turn it out
â?¦ it go on and on and on and on

everybody talkingâ?¦
it's bob, bobby rayâ?¦listen

i'm from the city where they hang out on the life pole
trying to get their weight upâ?¦
i'm talking about the city i take everywhere that i go

i do this for the [email protected][email protected] locked in solitary iso
who grew up with collidersâ?¦
i swear â?¦ playing whatâ?¦

chilling with some fire whose, â?¦
too much #[email protected] on your payroll boy you need to fire whose
â?¦ cause they â?¦ the entire showâ?¦

i have no arch nemesis, i have no identity
i just â?¦ in your villageâ?¦
i see you got it out, no need to baby sit

i â?¦ she say i'm getting @@#!y, now i say i been a dick, (*##$
it's bo, bo, bo, bo, bo, bobâ?¦

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