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B.G. lyrics : "Ya Heard Me"

Wisha, wisha, wisha wannnn
It's B Gizzle (Heard me)

(Cut the music up, Ya that's good)
Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood (Bet something, shoot something)
One of the realest ^!$$%s ever don't it, right chyea, live and in living color

(I know you ain't gon do nothing, get em)

[Verse 1: B.G.]

It's like B. Gizzle, got a world wide ghetto pass
I'm reppin ^!$$%, take a flight to the mother land
I fear God only, never fear another man

It's never one hustle, I always got a backup plan
It ain't no secret I can tell ya bout the gutta man
I'm a write a book on how to come out the struggle man

Now come through, you know what's in them duffel bags
A lot of gats, a lot of cash, and some ski masks
You know my street pass, it been certified

Stop lying I'm a g you been hear about
Stop reppin, you a #[email protected] I been a heard of you
You playing with a gangsta homie the nerve of you

Oh you lookin for me, but dog I'm lookin for you
Have yo people wearing a rest in peace shirt of you
My reputation on the block been A-1

I'm the same in, ^!$$% I been since day

[Chorus: Lil Wayne (Trey Songz)]

I said bet somethin, shoot somethin
You just talking I know you ain't gon do nothin
#[email protected] ^!$$% (ya heard me?)

If you got something to lose, you gon lose something unless you do something
So (ya heard me?)
Gotta use what you've learned, to receive what you've earned

Make sure (ya heard me)
Real ^!$$%s do real things and there's a lot of real ^!$$%s in the game
I know you heard me

You say (ya heard me), I say (ya heard me), He say (ya heard me),
I know you heard me, she say (ya heard me), everybody like it when I say (ya heard me)

[Verse 2: Juvenile]
You got a lot of nerve
They talkin a lot of hurt

Only round yo homies, when I'm round you homie not a word
I'm a heathen that fights for what he believes in, and I ain't got no plans on leaving till I get even
Salt and pepper, ^!$$% I'm seasoned for any reason

The day you want something with Juve, come on and see him
My G ain't gon allow me to lose, I'm busting shots back as soon as you ^!$$%s move
I'm not a fan of fools that's why I got attitude

Runnin your mouth to me, I'm a try to get at a dude
Don't even have a tool, what is you tryna prove
Go ahead and choose ya can die with them designer shoes


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
N.O. on my fitted, I'm committed to my city
Anything I will commit it just to show that I'm committed

Commit it then get acquitted
Aye Gizzle let me get em, Gizzle let me get em
Eat em up and %#@! em (ha)

And ain't no explanation for this damn insanity
I'm a monster like I'm part of the Adams Family
And some say I am old, but I'm new to a few

And I'm blessed... achoo
I came to get me and I got you
And I'm so me and I'm not you

And even if you get married you couldn't do what I do
Now let me get high off my drug scandals
Life's a gamble...


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