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B.G. lyrics : "Freestyle (Cash Money Diss)"

(feat. U.N.L.V.)


Funk doc in the $#[email protected] building, ^!$$%

[Intro: U.N.L.V.]

We right back at ya
When ya see this %#@! comin
B.G. and U.N.L.V. on the same track

Wit a shot to birdman
So now, We cleanin up feathers right now
$#[email protected] Cash Money, Ya Know?

[Chorus x2: B.G.]
We gon drive from east over, Dump ya body in big noy

We gon leave a note around ya neck sayin that you in chopper city boy


Oh, He want some
It's a bird, It's a plane
Naw homie, That's Baby, Shoot that ^!$$% mane

[Verse 1: U.N.L.V.]
Y'all boys never saw it comin [Never saw it comin]

B. Gizzle, Y'all and Tech Nine together on the same track murkin somethin
I told y'all boys, That you can't keep a ^!$$% from the 3 down
Now y'all done sight that lil 40 up just feel us down

Bad $$# yella boy, This is for you
Homie, We know the true story and we know what to do
We get them automatic weapons load em up, Load em up

And that shiny-ass jewelry that you got, ^!$$% give it up
Remember me and Geezie wrote yo raps
I know ya missin all that, Cause that %#@! ya spittin now is wack

And when the rest of y'all gon realize, Gon realize?
That y'all ain't never gon eat more than crust out the pie
Cash Money records, ^!$$% suck my dick

Tell the whole world how ya really got that %#@!
It was Gizzle, U.N.L.V., My ^!$$% Juve came late
Now how the $#[email protected] ya gon feed us off the same plate?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: B.G.]
It's the return of the hottest of the hot, Lil B.G.
And 2 big dogs from the UPT

U.N.L.V., Tech Nine, And lil ya
We bout to keep it real from the streets to the cellblock
Anybody hollerin, They get popped

^!$$% holla ha, When they came on my block
It's real round here, All that stuntin'll get ya smashed round here
Straight jacked round here

If ^!$$% know that history put Cash Money on
Befo' Uptown thang, It was sacks and baron
I'ma speak the truth, I'ma tell no lie

I was on the scene, Yella snuck Baby in the eye
I was on the scene when Suga Slim got slipped
Yella went inside and got the $#[email protected] pistol grip

It's the real Cash Money, We started this %#@!
From loco 580 to the 226

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: U.N.L.V.]

You went from Lil Wayne to the number one dick rider
$#[email protected] you mean you the best since the best retired?
Ya mami should've let you die when that nine went off

Cause you got it $#[email protected] up thinkin Baby ya pa
I'll break ya jaw, You was real, Now you phony
Let a (*##$-ass ^!$$% infiltrate you and ya homie

How long will it be before ya realize, Realize?
Slim and Baby ain't nothin but the devil disguised
Plus Baby got $#[email protected] up in OPP

In 97, Got a deal off of you and LV
Album sold platinum gold, (*##$ i'm comin for mine
And mother$#[email protected] the legal way, (*##$, I'm bringin that iron

You ain't got no strap, Remember Yella knocked ya out?
Tech flicks into Slim, The other clown ran out
On ya [email protected]$)got-ass roaches scared to poo in the pen
It's the real 226 spinnin a ben

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: U.N.L.V.]
Say uh, Flex, B.G., We don handled that %#@!, Man
$#[email protected] that, The whole world know

They know who made them (*##$es
How the $#[email protected] you gon get a whole leaf of bread
And don't wan give a ^!$$% but a piece of slice, Dawg?
$#[email protected] that, We keep it row, It ain't goin down
$#[email protected] you ^!$$%, $#[email protected] your brother too

Ya hoyt man (*##$

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