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B.G. lyrics : "Champion"

(feat. Layzie Bone & The Dream)


I'm a champion
I trip up on em real slow
Pen up in my hand

And when I write?
I kill for
I'm a champion

Look at how my car shine
Look at how the time fly
G4, G4's

Hello ladies and gentlemen - Welcome to the boys and girls?Come and ride with me - And we gon' take a trip around the world?You know the block is mine - I know you never seen a watch like mine?Keep that glock - You hear them shots when they done try to stop my shine?Laying in a G4 - Hop in a GT?Ride around watch these ^!$$%s tryna be me?No you can't but wish you could?I'm just too street - I'm just too hood?Gotta like my style - Gotta like my swagger?Everything you got believe I done had?Fall in the club - It's raining stacks?G by the club - They probably laugh?Oh yes, I'm chopper city - Whole Down South riding with me?Big Benzo sittin' pretty - Oh, you know how I'm livin'?I went from rags to riches - Went from riches to rags?They hollerin' ?Dammit he back - He made it - Don't buy him cash?-


[Layzie Bone:]
The ^!$$% started off falling then I got on my toes?A ^!$$% never looked back - Now I'm running you hoes?Gotta know whoever wanna ever oppose?About my cash flow - Nope, fin to black fo-fo - Yep?Ya'll really wanna test these nuts - ^!$$% what? What the $#[email protected]? - Wanna press up your luck?Soldiers from the 9-9 never give up - On my money-making mission and I can't get enough... Of this game ($#[email protected] the fame) Give you lots of pull - Been a thug on the block - Been popular?Only takes one shot - Then you out the door?I'm a bonafide champ - Keep it locked and loaded?That's why I ain't playing witcha - No mercy - No, no, no pity?Real ^!$$%s I know they feel me - My thug in the chopper city?Only roll with them thoroughbreds - Yep - Real ^!$$%s that twirl heads, playa?See the 5-50 hit the curb - You better ask yaself - Is the world fair? ?Do the world care? - %#@!, maybe it don't?No matter the case I'ma get what I want?Gotta be clean every first of the month - I'm a hustla with customers all at the door?That's right, still get it for the lo-lo - Still looking in the rear for the po-po?Still kick it in the heart of the ghetto - We champions, warriors and rebels?Better get on the level - Don't get it confused?I'm making major moves - Don't wanna have to fade you fools?I'ma tell you right now - Lil Lay don't lose-


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