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B WITCHED lyrics : "Worship The Fire"

[Music and lyrics by Vargher]

Infernal heat sweeping over the earth

The summoning of the Lord

A diabolical and impure birth
Fires raging without control

Scorched flesh and burning limbs
Ashes darkening the sky

Cries of torture, screams of pain
As the ones of Jehovah die

Hail and Worship the Fire
Heed the Devil's Desire
Hail and Worship the Fire

Light Lucifer's pyre

In the dephts of the flames of Hell

Where the Demons dwell
Souls are tortured in the fires of Hell
There's no return you will burn

Burning corpses covering the ground
The stench of death fills the night

The flaming dead, to Hell they descend
Eternal torture for the ones of light

Total destruction, death and pain
As the flames come to life
Satan's soldiers make christian blood rain

They cut through flesh like a knife

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