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AXL RICH : The Threat lyrics

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AXL RICH lyrics : "The Threat"

[Verse 1: Axl Rich]

Threat (lyric sheet) - Axl Richr

Now I was coming down the turnpike
Slow right

Seen a ^!$$% round the other day
I was burning pine
Asked me when the album drop

Asked me if I'll ever stop
Not ever, in a day

Til my ^!$$%s at the top
I got a dime from Minnesota
Wanna roll up and come over

Said you on as hot as folgers
Said you're right, u need a water (yeah)
Said she likes to kick it

Judo, David Beckham
Today a ^!$$% was so fresh
I thought that they'd arrest him

And you knew me way back before
Don't stress that

Real ^!$$%s at the door
We the best at
Swaggin that fine couture

^!$$% bet,
It's the best yet..

I just re'd up
Now I'm back with the

Bet, better let em' know

Cooking straight drop
^!$$% I'm the chef
Come test

I'm in stereo
My style ^!$$%s jacked

No Imposters left
Better let Em' know

Project apartment
To a private jet

I'm a stereo threat
Betta Let Em know

Doobie rolled all the way tight

I'm my own light
Paper plan fly
To the zone,

I'mma get right
Holla bet,
Shawty say right, right, right..

I was that ^!$$% on the track
Before I locked the flow

I crept up in the back
All Them ^!$$%s shoulda locked the do'
It's the home of the swag

^!$$%s wish they could fade us..
Style on haters that hate us
And watch them call us the greatest

I'm so high that I'm sedated
And so fly when rockin stages

Parachute down
New town
Movement for the ages

Say it really ain't so
Favorite rappers turn to foe
In the presence of the crazy ADHD flow

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