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Axe Murder Boyz : INTRO lyrics

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Axe Murder Boyz lyrics : "INTRO"


Hello and welcome Ladies and Gentlemen Saints and Sinners take a seat and prepare to bare witness to The Unforgiven Forest. It is story and like all good stories it must have good characters for instance the axe weilding demon destroyers the Axe Murder Boyz but thats not all this story revolves around their journey through The Unforgiven Forest. Few people have tried to accomplish this very thing and have all failed miserably those who died trying were than used as the keepers of the forest thus we have The Bodies they wait at the front of the forest lifeless and dangling from rope only to spring alive at the sight of anyone approching and if you make it passed The Bodies it is utterly hopeless still for you must face the Arachs, The Trees and finally The Demon don't be afraid step into our world and expirence for yourself the mystery the relic that is the Unforgiven Forest. Expirence for yourselves..........The Unfrogiven Forest. Don't be afraid.

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