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AVENGED SEVENFOLD : The Art Of Subconcious Illusions lyrics

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AVENGED SEVENFOLD lyrics : "The Art Of Subconcious Illusions"

A living nightmare, asleep but still aware.
The endless torture.
The painless pleasure.

I grasp myself.
Trying to regain control.
I experience and learn.

In another faction of my mind.
So confused.
But everything makes perfect sense.

Can't feel the pain.
Emotional pain s so much deadlier.
Lost, you've just been raped.

Pain. Your friends can't help you.
Why wont they help you? Another reality.
This can't be happening.

Why is this happening?
Who the $#&@ are you?
Who the $#&@. Are you?

Trying hard to figure out what s done.
I scramble but now I run.
The images in my head.

All the problems that I've been fed.
Punching slowly my mind can't change the speed.
As my victims bleed.

No matter what I do or how hard I try.
I can t use my abilities.
Use my abilities.

Art of Illusion.
My razor sharp knife s edge, pierces my victim's body.
But I can't take their soul.

Punching through jello, stabbing not killing.
Disappointment. Discomfort.

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