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ASSASSINS CREED 3 RAP lyrics : "Rise"

(Raised in) the land of the free
Sworn to a duty
Shrouded face, Pallid robes

(The righteous) bane of my foes
Stringing my bow, (spectral) spirit in the snow
Bathed in the( legendary), mythic apple's glow

Ancient lineage of $$#assin masters
Past, present and future (linked)
(To) prevent a disaster

(Intricate) prophecy's woven
The Templars coven
Controllers of the land? Well not much longer

Ignite a revolution, let our land be free
My beautiful world, burned and taken from me
On this land I am torn, (I want to) repel all outsiders

But in the name of liberty I am the outsider
Tomohawk in hand, fabled blade on my arm
My life is scratched, now my namesake is gone

Clouded wisdom, my Achilles heel?
What's right? What's wrong? What is real?
The call of justice, but for whom?

Cross my path, I'll set you in a catacomb
Stand in my way, be you foe or friend
Let it be known, that this is the end

His tale ends here, who's enduring tale?
No chance of escape cos I'm on your tail
I've been betrayed, (lef)t, ripe for the kill

Why do I (still) fight? Because no one else will!

What would you have me do

All the oaths I made were true
Warring with my own blood
The tears that arise threaten to flood

Your wisest guidance is all I seek
Yet your vile actions make the future bleak
She promised she'd be by my side

Just for her memory, I will learn to glide
I don the hood, I sharpen my blades
I take your body, pass through countless blockades

My enemy is a notion, not a nation
We fight to be free -- Liberation
This temptation, translation, mutation, predation brings hesitation

In return we're subjected to
Damnation, negation, sedation, migration
But all we require is a single (aspiration of) salvation

I'll combat the colonists and kill for the creed
I'll cut through clothes until your screams are keyed
I'll die for the cause and live through the pain

I'll live without love, I'll dig graves in the rain
I'll run without boundaries, I'll climb any height
I'll leave my land, to save it from plight

I'll create rivers of blood, hear merciless cries
I'll stab your back under a civilian's disguise
I'll sail the seas and fight formidable tides

I'll travel where I must, to where the enemy presides
I'll travel east as the eagle flies
Once I am there then I shall rise

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