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ASSASSIN lyrics : "Yard Man"

Cyaaan we aYard man we nuh wear fraud brand
Yow we witty and we tricky like the 3 card man
Yow who run di game? Yard man

We nuh lameYard man
But anything gwaan a foreign who dem blame? Yard man

[Verse 1:]
ThenFlossing a di topic, Yard man we top it
Champagne we pop it, Cristal hypnotic

If a Cadi we lock it, Pearl white or black it
Moon walk rims a spin when we dey inna traffic
Money dey inna pock-it

House pan hill wid attic
Plus a big flat screen plug inna every sock-it
Hot gal we slap it we nuh eat nah snack-it

We a Joe gryne lef bowy fi mind jack-it

[Verse 2:]

Yowif a badness we nuh lef we rachette
Anytime we flash it, try watch it
We lef hole doctor cyaaan patch it

If a gun we lock it: Rifle, big matick
We knock it, we nuh stop till we French @@#! it
If a weed nuh trash it

See police... nuh dash it-way
Cyaaan dem cyaaan find when we stash it
If a works we match it

Dare ting we bash it
Real yard man nuh tek cheque no we cash it

[Verse 3:]
Yow wha know yard man?
When you see the bimma coming, hear the hummer humming and the base line boming

It's a yard man thing
The girls looking stunning and ganja pipe bunning, bwoy diss and we dunn him
Yard man thing

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