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ASSASSIN lyrics : "We A Bad From"

Yeah man (We a bad from)
Well some bwoy a bad from last week yeah (We a bad from)

Some bwoy a bad from day before yesterday eeh(we a bad from)
Some bwoy a bad since last night and mi no know (We a bad from)
Some bwoy get up a bad from since morning check di warning -

Yuh see we (We a bad from)

[Verse 1:]

Desert clarks and diamond socks, pin stripe horror shirt fit it on
One pop pon camel back, from bed spring a mek slingshot(We a bad from)
Before Bob Marley start locks before Mohammad Ali start box (We a bad from)

Long long long long before dat before Amerindians and Arawaks (We a bad from)
Before Brazil and Italy start clash before Pele play d first match (We a bad from)
Before Benz dem build dem first car and Rolex build dem first watch (We a bad from)

Before KuKluxKlan orthodox before white ah fight against black (We a bad from)
Before Hiroshima bomb drop before Pearl Harbour get knock (We a bad from)

Let's get sumting straight now, we a boy where a bad long time yow
Some bwoy tun bait now, and a talk bout dem use too bad one time yow

Real bad man bad all di while, some boy bad some time yow
Some bad since dem eat breakfeast, some just bad since lunch time (We a bad from)

[Verse 2:]
Way before Starkie and Hutch, long before Tango and Cash (We a bad from)
Before DareDevil and Hulk and Batman and Robin and Flash, Superman (We a bad from)

Before Lens, Diamond and Dutch, long before Scarface get di slash (We a bad from)
Long long before Bonnie and Clyde even tink fi move di first stash (We a bad from)
Way before Kendal crash, before di train station lock (We a bad from)

Before dem build Halfway tree clock, from Hero Circle was racetrack (We a bad from)
Before di very first Ms World collect di Tiara and Sash (We a bad from)
Before Arthur Wint start sprint inna di 200 meter dash (We a bad from)


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]

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